X-Men: The Animated Series – STORM!

Marvel Legends – X-Men the Animated Series (VHS) – Storm – Hasbro 2022

I think one of the best things about X-Men: The Animated Series is that it finally exposed Storm to the world. Sure, Ororo Munroe has been a major player in the X-Men comics for 17 years already and had several high-profile (to me at least) animation appearances in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Pryde of the X-Men. But it wasn't until her 1992 television debut that kids were running around the playground impersonating her. She's a great character for emulation with her commanding voice and elemental power, and add her calm demeanor and maternal vibes and you have an all-around icon. There have been a few great attempts at creating a toy representation of 90's animated Storm, but this one is easily my favorite so far. The cel-shading and voluminous hair is a relatively simply change from that last attempt in 2019, but it makes a huge difference. The X-Men VHS line is likely over, but hopefully some Spider-ladies get this treatment, too. Let's check out animated Storm below!


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Title: X-Men: The Animated Series – STORM!
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