X-Men: The Animated Series – JUBILEE!

Marvel Legends – X-Men the Animated Series (VHS) – Jubilee – Hasbro 2022

When Jubilee was first introduced in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #244 (May 1989) I wasn't too impressed. One of the first comic tropes I acknowledged as a young reader was that of a young quirky female character who always seemed shoehorned-in to embody some lacking social or fashion trends. Just four years prior we met Boom Boom in Secret Wars, and it wasn't long before when Kitty Pride was up to her hijinks as Sprite. So Jubilee just seemed like just another reimagining of the same gimmick. It wasn't until X-Men The Animated Series premiered a few years later that I actually began to view Jubilee as a unique character. She was the focal point of the first storyline. Following her being chased through the mall by Sentinels was quite an introduction for the Television audiences. Since then she's been a fan favorite and highly-demanded in the Marvel Legends line. When the Animated Series cel-shaded sub-line was unveiled, she was an obvious choice for inclusion. Let's check out Jubilee below!


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Title: X-Men: The Animated Series – JUBILEE!
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