WWE GRT40 Live Action Intercontinental Championship, Multicolor, 20.3 cm*1.5 cm*100.3 cm

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Now kids can take home the excitement of the WWE® and its ultimate badge of honor—the WWE® Championship! This trophy item comes with authentic styling, sleek metallic medallions, a leather-like belt and a one-time adjustable feature to fit around the waist of any child eight years or older!
WWE® Championship is designed to resemble the ones worn and proudly flaunted by your favorite WWE® Superstars. Choose from a wide variety of famous titles such as: WWE® Championship, WWE® Smackdown® Tag Team Championship, WWE® Universal Championship, WWE® Intercontinental Championship and WWE® United States Championship and more.
Kids will love wearing the championships that celebrate the top Superstars and honor their distinction as the very best. Strap on the large victory championship and feel like a WWE® Superstar. Wave it around or fling it over your shoulders like the Superstars do in the ring and feel the thrills and power of being a champion! Each sold separately, subject to availability.

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​The ultimate badge of honor—the WWE Championship!
​This must-have collectible has authentic styling, metallic medallions and a leather-like belt with adjustable feature that fits the waist of kids 8 years and older.
​Designed to resemble the titles worn by your favorite WWE Superstars.
​There a variety of famous titles to choose from: WWE Championship, WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship, WWE Universal Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE United States Championship and more.
​Strap on the large victory championship and feel what’s it is like to be the very best.
List Price: $29.95

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