Turtles TUN00000 TMNT Cobra Kai 2-Packs Mikey vs Danny LaRusso, Multi Colour

41jleINglFL. AC41TtGCHWAAL. AC41os9PLlpXL. AC41DtKKsAyaL. AC51WjOwKrDXL. AC518LZoncdsL. AC51qLJ4 UUhL. AC buynow3 A new and unlikely team of four mysterious teenagers has risen, not only up the ranks, but from the sewers of New York City, to challenge the STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD, NO MERCY mantra of the feared COBRA KAI karate dojo at the upcoming All Valley Tournament. With their funky GI’s, wacky bandanas, incredible strength and ninja skills, they look the part, but does this team, calling themselves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really have the chops to take down the Cobra Kai karate dojo to rule the Valley? Only the strong will survive this match…no mercy! Each Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle team are all named after famous Italian renaissance artists, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, whilst the Cobra Kia pupils are made up of veterans Johnny Lawrence, John Kresse, Daniel LaRusso and newcomer Miguel Diaz from the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai. a sequel to the “Karate Kid” films. Each action figure twin pack contains a retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and their sparring partner from Cobra Kai, both dressed in their signature colours and weapons of choice. Collect all 4 twin packs to complete the set (each sold separately). Leonardo vs Miguel Diaz Michelangelo vs Daniel Larusso Raphael vs John Kreese Donatello vs Johnny Lawrence Suitable for kids aged 4+
Contains two sparring partners for instant role play fun
TMNT Michelangelo comes with his nunchucks weapons and dressed in Valley Champion whites
Danny LaRusso from Cobra Kai comes dressed in his signature karatagi
Both collector action figures are posable for recreating imaginative fight scenes,


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