Transformers Toys, Kids Car Toys Robot Toys IDW Optimus Prime Autobot Commander Action Figure Leader L-Class Toys for Kids 6 Years Old and Up

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Product Name: IDW Optimus Prime Model Toy
Package size: 3.5X2.6X9.5 inches
Material: plastic+PVC
Manufacturer’s Recommendation: Children 8 years and older

Packing list:
– Deep restoration of movie character details and perfect workmanship make it the perfect Transformers toy: This beautiful collectible toy is perfect for Transformers fans.
– The doll is 9.5 inches tall, the model is 8.6 inches tall, with bright eyes
– Deformation robot: The shape of the robot and the car can be freely deformed, paying attention to every detail, the image is realistic, and the rotation of each joint is very smooth, providing an extraordinary experience. Easy to operate.
– Transformers toys are made of high-quality materials, high-quality ABS materials, odorless and pollution-free materials. They are great toys for children of all ages. Transformers toys are designed to be environmentally friendly. This is a classic shapeshifting doll model.
– Can be placed on display stand or used as decoration in living room, bedroom and office. This is a highly collectible model and can also be used as a children’s toy to enrich children’s imagination and hands-on ability. Children can stay away from electronic products and exercise their hands-on ability. Your child will be delighted to receive this gift,,


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