Transformers Canon/Transformers Optimus Prime R5

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This product is a collaboration between Canon and Transformers.
It transforms from the best design award winning mirrorless camera “EOSR5” to Optimus Prime R5 in robot mode.
Transformers has released a permanent collaboration plan to transform into a robot from the mirrorless camera “EOSR5” released by Canon Co., Ltd.
The “EOSR5 Mode” in the camera state is reproduced with 80% scale of the actual camera, and the camera body and lens can be removed just like the actual camera.
This is a toy product that cannot be used to take a photo, but the design of the main unit is reproduced in the details.
In addition, in robot mode “Optimus Prime R5” state, the iconic design features a lens on the chest, and the arms are red and the original colors of the legs are blue and Optimus Prime. It comes with a matrix and EOSR5 handheld (mini EOSR5) that is proof of the leader.

Set Contents: Optimus Prime R5, EOS R5 Body (1), Optimus Prime R5, RF Lens (1), Matrix (1), EOS R5 Handheld (1), Lens Shield (1), Instruction Manual (1)
Does not use batteries
Material: Plastic
Item model number: F7681
List Price: $169.49

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