Toy Run Tuesday #145 – Mudtroopers and Captain Vaughn/332nd

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Hello Toy Runners, I’m pleased to join you again to discuss our recent toy finds! I took advantage of Migs Mayfield being on clearance at Target to build up my mudtrooper army. I also got the 332nd Clone Troopers from Amazon, and I took the opportunity to revisit my Captain Vaughn custom. Check it out!

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Since Solo came out in theaters, I’ve wanted a mudtrooper in TVC. It was one of my older customs when I first started down that path. Now that we got the Mandalorian Tank drivers I suspect we will see an official mudtrooper soon, but I couldn’t wait. Migs got clearanced quickly at Target; I took advantage by getting enough figures to swap all my 5poa mudtrooper heads over. I’m in the process of fixing the shoulder armor and adding capes.

20220918 235859I also got four 332nd clone troopers from Amazon this week. I gave them a bit of weathering to match Captain Vaughn. Soon I will have the Airborne Mandos and have a full battle scene ready to go from season 7 of CW. 

20220918 214158

I’ll have much more to share next week so I hope to see you back again! Please share your recent toy hauls in the comments below.


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