TOMY WWE AJ Styles Blitz Brawler

41QIclSCTZL. AC41hHGeZzacL. AC51fBmAjJLXL. AC41Ea5jWJSHL. AC41CbC9DahLL. AC buynow3 Battle for the WWE Championship with your favorite superstar AJ styles! WWE Blitz brawler let you take control by putting your hands inside the Superstar character-themed life-size “boxing gloves”. Try to grab your opponent’s WWE Championship belt while protecting your own! Be first to capture your opponent’s belt and claim the win!
AJ STYLE BLITZ BRAWLER: 16-Inch plush wrestling Superstar featuring iconic ring gear design
WRESTLING TOYS: Capture all the excitement of the WWE with this wrestling toy with life-size “boxing gloves” that you control
WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT: Fabric belt includes sewn-in velcro patch that attaches to superstar’s waist
Become THE WWE champion by claiming your opponent’s belt!
SUITABLE FOR: Ages 6 years and up,


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