SUPERTHINGS Neon Power Series – Pack of 6. Includes 4 SuperThings (1 Silver Captain) and 2 Exoskeletons. Pack 1 of 6

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Get 4 SuperThings & 2 Exoskeletons from the new Mutant Battle series quickly (1 silver and 1 Special Colour Change SuperThing guaranteed!). Remember that each pack contains a number from 1 to 6 on the bottom righthand side so that you can collect all the different Exoskeletons. SuperThings are everyday objects transformed into superheroes and super-villains. They live in Kaboom City and every SuperThing has a rival: look for rival pairs and complete the teams. Action is guaranteed!
INCREASE YOUR COLLECTION FAST – Build your collection with this pack of 4 SuperThings and 2 Exoskeletons. You’re guaranteed to get 1 silver figure and 1 special colour-changing SuperThing
COLLECT THE NEW EXOSKELETONS – Get the 12 Exoskeletons in the Mutant Battle series, now with new special attacks. This pack includes 2 different Exoskeletons
PICK YOUR FAVOURITE COMBINATION – Option of selecting the 6 specific figures that you want in your pack. This pack includes 4 SuperThings (the silver captain Number X, the colour-change SuperThing Funguzz, the SuperThing Leonart, 1 surprise SuperThings figure) and 2 Exoskeletons (Galactic Glider & Rocket Rider)
FUN AND UNIQUE ADVENTURES – SuperThings are everyday objects that have come to life. Now, they’ve got new mates, the Kazoom Kids, children who are also transformed into heroes and villains by Kazoom power, who all live in Kaboom City. You can learn all about them and follow the adventures of these action figures on the Magicbox YouTube channel
List Price: $24.15

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