Super-DuperToyBox: Super Joe Unlimited

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I have zero recollection of/nostalgia for Hasbro’s short-lived Super Joe Series from 1977, but the retro appeal of these updated Super Joe Unlimited figures was undeniable. Their toyetic aesthetic certainly appeals to a ’70s/’80s kid who collects larger figures with soft goods outfits like Mego figures. After discovering White Elephant Toyz at the online Mego Museum, I compulsively purchased two! Check out the video:

I received all the parts from White Elephant Toyz individually bagged, as they are purchased from menu at their site. I also purchased the Obsidian Comic Weapons accessory pack with the longer sword, different pistol, and sun/star pendant. There were a variety of heads and other accessories available as well. The price for the two bodies and all the parts was $41.00 each, plus shipping, so they were not cheap, but the quality is fantastic. I was so impressed that I ordered a third figure in the darker skin tone. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next!


Initially disappointed at my misunderstanding regarding the scale of these 8.75″ Super-Joes, incompatible with my 8″ Mego figures or 9″ Hasbro Marvel figures pictured below, their cool factor quickly won me over. They kind of exist in some super-fun universe unto themselves. Plus, more figures have yet to be released, including some alien characters. Recommended!

Visit 3DSuperJoes.Com for more history about Hasbro Super Joe Adventure Team!


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