She’s Fantastic: MOTU Revelation – EVIL-LYN!

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Masterverse Series 7 – Masters of the Universe Revelation – Evil-Lyn – Mattel 2023

My favorite part about Masters of the Universe: Revelation was the character development. In the vintage show, most characters ended the series the exact same way they started. But Revelation took us on a journey – and not just and internal one. My two favorite characters in the series (Teela and Evil-Lyn) each had several significant design changes as the series progressed. And my absolute favorite was when Evil-Lyn temporarily became the Sorceress of Grayskull and (as opposed to Teela-Na being adorned in a wholesome falcon motif) she was suddenly wearing this diabolical bat outfit. It looks awesome. Of course, it also raises the question of whether or not she had a “Zoar” form. I don’t remember a bat from the cartoon or comics, but I’m intrigued enough to investigate later tonight. When I watch the series on Netflix, this was instantly my most wanted design for the Masterverse line. I’m glad we got her so quickly and that she is so well executed. Let’s check her out Sorceress Evil-Lyn below!

IMG 4469a

IMG 4458

IMG 4459

IMG 4464IMG 4473
IMG 4465IMG 4476

IMG 4462

IMG 4474

IMG 4466IMG 4475

IMG 4463

IMG 4480

IMG 4481

UntitlefdEvil Lynn Sorceress scaled 800

IMG 4479

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

This is random, but I still had the Mirrorverse Maleficent figure sitting out and I thought they looked like diabolical sisters.



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