She’s Fantastic: Marvel Basic Series

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Shuri & Vibranium Blast Sunbird – Hasbro 2022

Don’t worry, no real spoilers. I just saw Black Panther: Wakanda Forever earlier tonight and I loved it. The legacy characters that I felt didn’t get a chance to shine in the first movie all got their moments, and the new characters introduced were all perfection. Best of all, I felt that the 161-minute runtime allowed for more of Wakanda to be featured as well as the Dora Milaje (both things I felt didn’t get enough lingering focus in the first movie). An amusing takeaway was that I think Hasbro could easily fill another whole Marvel Legends wave with great looking characters. At there very least there could be a few more 2-packs. This Basic Series Shuri figure was one of the first pieces of merchandise released for the movie. There is a second “Battle Action” basic series figure of her in stores as well, but her arms are awkwardly re-posed. But this one with the Sunbird vehicle is a classically-posed, simply-posed figure like we used to see with every MCU film. Let’s check out Shuri below!

IMG 2910

IMG 2911

IMG 2913

IMG 2927IMG 2917
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IMG 2914

IMG 2915

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The Sunbird vehicle has wings that can be placed forward or pulled-back. Also there is a button on the side of the circular rotor that will launch the blue discs. This is the type of vehicle that flaps and hovers like a dragonfly. It’s a shame there isn’t an action feature to mimic that motion.

IMG 2931

IMG 2932

IMG 2933

Shuri features 5 simple points of articulation.

IMG 2928a



IMG 2929

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

IMG 2912

IMG 2934

IMG 2930



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