Reaction TMNT Raphael Action Figure Standard

51Z3a8NilNL. AC31L+4crGmRL. AC31aKeDySNqL. AC buynow3 Dinner Forks Yes, we know. Raph’s thing is being the “cool, but rude” one. However, we think he should get a new moniker. From now on, we dub Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Practical Raph! Why? Well, just look at his weapon of choice, the sai. Not only does it work great at countering enemy attacks, but it also doubles as a useful dinner fork in non-combat situations! Using nothing but his trusty sai, he can defeat a whole squad of elite Foot Soldiers, and then eat a big plate of spaghetti. Now, that’s what we call practical! Fun Details Of course, this TMNT ReAction Raphael Figure comes with his trusty sai weapons, but it also comes with a heaping helping of retro style! The figure is designed to look like classic action figures from the 1980s and it even features limited articulation and low detail molds. This gives it a truly vintage look and feel to it. You can leave him in the box as a brand new addition to your collection… or you can break him out of the box and make him fight against Shredder and his evil minions. Afterward, he’ll be fully equipped to have dinner with you! – Action Figure – Pair of Sai – Pizza Slice
Size: Standard
Figure is approx. 3.75″ tall
Articulated at shoulders & hips
Weapons and pizza slice fit into figure’s hands
Officially licensed,


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