Reaction TMMT Michelangelo Action Figure Standard

510oV2ycf1L. AC41F6UbDNA6L. AC buynow3 Memories of Mikey Do you remember what it was like? You know what we’re talking about—your first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure? Racing to the action figure section at the toy store, digging through the rack to see if Michelangelo (the best turtle) was there. The rush of excitement when you saw that orange-masked turtle in the back, hiding behind countless Raphael and Leonardo figures. Then, you got to tear open the plastic top to finally claim Mikey for your own! Of course, you’d eventually lose those little nunchucks that he came with, but that was a problem for later! Fun Details It’s a special part of childhood, and this Reaction Michelangelo Action Figure aims to capture some of that magical feeling! This TMNT Action Figure features a retro-style mold, with limited points of articulation to capture that classic action figure style. Detailing is sparse, to keep in line with the retro look and he even comes with a pair of nunchucks for fighting against the Foot Clan! You can leave him in his box like a true collectible, or you can try to rekindle some of those feelings from your childhood by opening him up and snapping those little ninja weapons into his hands! – Action Figure – Pair of Nunchucks – Pizza Slice
Size: Standard
Figure is approx. 3.75″ tall
Articulated at shoulders & hips
Nunchucks and pizza slice fit into figure’s hands
Officially licensed,


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