Playtime Gets Stylish with the Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin

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A stylish ride for young spies | Source: Playmobil

Young spies and secret agents now have a perfect entry into the mysterious world of 007.

While the James Bond films haven’t always been kid-friendly, there have been plenty of 007 toys over the years, from secret agent spy kits to die-cast vehicles from Hot Wheels, Corgi, and others. Now, Playmobil puts a distinctly cute spin on the action with a playset that throws things back to a much simpler, and perhaps more elegant, time: the 1960s.

The Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin DB5 — Goldfinger Edition is inspired by the classic ride driven by Sean Connery as 007 in the 1964 film, Goldfinger. The sleek, silver toy comes packed in a box that’s nearly as luxurious as the real-life car itself (not that kids will care about that), alongside Playmobil figures of James Bond, Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob, and a random henchman from Goldfinger’s crew.

A little bit of assembly is required to get this ride moving, but it’s a very simple process. For the most part, Bond’s Aston Martin is already built, but kids will need to put the wheels and tires together, alongside some additional flourishes like the chrome bumpers and revolving license plates. Since this is designed for kids ages 8 and up, the assembly shouldn’t be a problem, but a parent or other adult may need to lend a hand.

BondAstonMartin JZ
Bond, James Bond | Source: The Toy Insider

Playmobil is known for its durable toys and German design and the DB5 is a fine example. It packs a ton of awesome play features into the vehicle, like a retractable shield above the trunk, a passenger ejector seat (kids can hilariously activate it by pressing down on the rear exhaust pipe), and spikes that can pop out of the hubcaps on every wheel. Even the front bumper has an action feature: It becomes a battering ram!

Bond GoldfingerVillains JZ
Look at all that gold! | Source: The Toy Insider

Now, if you’ve seen the movie (and keep in mind that most kids probably haven’t), you know that Goldfinger really loves gold, so look for a stack or pretend gold bars that come with this set.

Overall, the Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin DB5 — Goldfinger Edition is a fun toy for kids that love cars and it should hold up for years of play. But, because it looks so nice and is a little on the more expensive side, it also makes a fine showpiece for adult James Bond fans or automotive enthusiasts.

Just be ready for kids to ask why 007 has his steering wheel on “the wrong side” of the car. Well, it’s British, so that means it’s right-hand drive. Don’t you love it when toys can also teach?


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