Mikey vs. Bebop 2 Pack

51CDyA4VhqL. AC buynow3 Let the fight for New York City begin! Team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is led by its tactical, level-headed leader Leonardo, who slices and dices with his twin katana. He’s joined by his brothers Donatello, the tech genius who spins a mean bo staff, the fierce Raphael wielding his sharp twin sai, and Michelangelo, the free-spirited master of the nunchuks! Can the Turtles defeat their enemy, the Foot, and protect the streets and sewers of NYC? Can Michelangelo take on the mutant warthog, Bebop and win? Only time will tell! Look for all the Turtle vs. Villain collector 2-packs, exclusively at Walmart!
FULLY POSEABLE: Michelangelo figure has 34 points of articulation and Bebop figure has more than 16 points of articulation, so you can pose them ready for battle action
MICHELANGELO ACCESSORIES: Mikey comes with removable signature nunchuks, with loops attached to his initialized bandolier belt so he’s always ready for action
BEBOP ACCESSORIES: Highly detailed sculpt with signature outfit, skull necklace, bandolier, and grenades, Bebop also comes with a removable blaster
SEWER COVER STANDS: Each action figure has a detailed sewer cover stand with character’s name and TMNT logo,


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