McFarlane Toys Red Robin, Jonathan Kent Superman, Classic Martian Manhunter

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 I had snagged the Gold Label/Classic Martian Manhunter at a local Target, picking up Red Robin and Jonathan Kent Superman later on Amazon. I am stopped in my tracks often looking at McFarlane’s action figures, and some of the DC Multiverse figures are too hard to resist. I’m not invested in Red Robin, other than his fantastic outfit and team affiliation with Batman.

Below, Red Robin/Tim Drake, Robin/Damian Wayne, and Nightwing/Dick Grayson– 3 proteges of the Dsrk Knight. A Tim Drake Robin is on the way, which I will gladly buy! Though Tim Drake was rarely the Robin in Batman material I was reading, I’m a fan of the Robin character in general, and McFarlane toys has produced many variants.

For years I’ve had this beautiful DC Direct Red Robin boxed- he appeared to be shorter in stature, more youthful in build than the Mc Farlane version. I still have a great love for the older DC Direct figures and have held onto dozens of them.

I was unaware that young Jonathan Kent assumed the mantle of his father, but I liked this version of Superman based on it’s merits as an interesting looking, colorful action figure – I kinda wish he had a cape, but do admire the design. Love the bright colors!

To date, I still don’t have what might be considered a conventional Superman by McFarlane Toys, but some of the variant and “Elseworlds” versions are so cool, like the Red Son Superman and Superboy Prime figures.

As a big fan of Martian Manhunter, this classic, Gold Label version from McFarlane Toys was a must-buy for me. I was barely aware of this character as a child, but J’onn J’onzz of Mars became an intense interest when I returned to comics as an adult. Like Superman, J’onn is the last of his race, a powerful protector of the Earthlings, often reflecting the best of their humanity.

I really liked the more modern, regular release of this figure as well, which I reviewed here in April…I bought it knowing full well a more classic version would come later. My only complaint is the lack of a flight stand. Martian Manhunter is a flyer, and a powerful one. In fact, I would say we need a flight stand with a lot of other characters due to their renown acrobatics, but I digress… 

Below, McFarlane Gold Label Classic Martian Manhunter with some other classic representations in my collection: DC Direct History of the DC Universe Martian Manhunter, 9″ Hasbro Martian Manhunter, 13″ DC Direct Deluxe Martian Manhunter, DC Direct New Frontiers Martian Manhunter, DC Direct JLA Classified Martian Mnhunter, and my Mattel DC Universe Classics Martian Manhunter

Though I don’t buy a lot of McFarlane DC Multiverse figures, I’m pleased with these figures, and have enjoyed the others I’ve picked up in the last couple years. I bought several more this past weekend in fact, and will post them here in future posts. While I remain a big fan of Hasbro Marvel Legends, these McFarlane figures feel like a better value at their often much lower price- I picked these up at just under twenty bucks each. Some of the more deluxe figures that have build-a-figures parts can run higher, but they are by and large cheaper than Hasbro. A testament to McFarlane is their ability to sell figures of characters a lot of the general public knows nothing of, my interest in this Jonathan Kent Superman being a prime example of that. I look forward to finding more of these.

More Later- Make It FUN!


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