McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Hawkman (Black Adam)

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After posting about the McFarlane Flash figures I picked up back in September, I realized I had photographed this Black Adam Hawkman and neglected to share. As I’ve yet to see the movie, I won’t go on at length about this figure, though its characters do interest me. particularly Dr. Fate and Hawkman. While somewhat under-read on the character, I’ve always liked Hawkman as a concept, and because of that have collected a few figures over the years. The reimagining of the character’s aesthetic is fantastic here, the classic red, gold and green theme intact but in a muted palette that retains its Golden-Age splendor. His wings don’t have the articulation I’ve seen on some other winged figures I’ve had, but the detail in this figure is second to none!

McFarlane Black Adam Hawkman with my DC Collectibles New 52 Hawkman and DC Universe Classics Hawkman. I have at least one other Hawkman figure still unopened in my collection and am sometimes on the hunt for another- some of the older DC Direct Hawkman figures are highly prized and can be expensive to acquire.


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