MasterPieces Transformers MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime) w/ Trailer and Pilot

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Takara Tomy has completely redesigned the newest Masterpiece Convoy for this figure release and what an amazing job they did. Convoy, or Optimus Prime as many know him, is fully transformable and comes with his trailer which also transforms. Convoy, as leader of the Autobots, carries the Matrix in his chest and the figure’s chest opens up to reveal it showing the amazing detail. Of course, Convoy carries his beam rifle (which also transforms) and also an Energy Axe. A tiny vehicle which fits inside the trailer as well as a tiny human figure are also included.
Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Cybertron Commander Convoy Action Figure
Target Gender: Boys
From 15-year-old: Age
Made with high quality materials
The perfect collectible but child-resistant and ideally suited to endless hours of creative play.
List Price: $442.37

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