Marvel Legends Wakanda Forever Namor

I won’t go to great lengths regarding the depiction of Namor, the Sub-Mariner, in the recent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie, because I have yet to see it. I purchased this figure on sale for $17.50, with an additional 5% off that using my Target Red Card, bringing it to a very affordable $16.63 + tax. With standard issue Marvel Legends like this going for $24.99 or more now, I prefer to pick them up on sale whenever I can. I’ve said before that Hasbro has really upped their game on action figures the last few years, hitting a level of quality that rivals a lot of imports in my opinion. I’m always a little nervous buying these window-less boxes at retail due to scalper’s tendency to swap figures or steal parts, but the tape looked undisturbed on Namor, so I got a good sample.

Marvel%20Legends%20Wakanda%20Forever%20Namor%20frontal dorsal

Namor’s quasi-Mesoamerican jewelry is an interesting twist on the character- I’m interested to see if there is any backstory about his geographic heritage, how/if that ties into theories about a lost Atlantean culture that Plato described 2,400 years ago. The detail on this figure is outstanding, he’s a beauty. I would have preferred two gripping hands to wield the spear as opposed to a closed left fist, but he’s a great little action figure that I’m thrilled I got such a deep discount on. 


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