Marvel Legends Sentry, Quasar, Nova, Binary

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Marvel%20Legends%20Sentry,%20Quasar,%20Nova,%20Binary%20boxed%20comp%20 Super

 Sentry, Quasar, Nova, and Binary were all Walgreens Marvel Legends exclusives- I may have found Nova through a third party seller a while back at a decent price, but most recently acquired the single Sentry figure I’ve seen in the wild so far- I saw far mor Quasar figures, and one Nova. Pretty sure I found Binary at her exclusive retailer. These characters all mostly fit in Marvel’s “cosmic” canon, and though none are necessarily my A-List, I do like the figures. Check out the video:

Marvel%20Legends%20Nova,%20Binary%20QUAD%20 Super

I’m not a fan of the retailer exclusive Marvel Legends, though I often stumble onto what I’m looking for. Hasbro won’t stop doing this anytime soon however, so get used to it- if your timing is right and you are in the know, you can sometimes get these at Walgreen’s website, and over time I’ve noticed BBTS will later carry exclusives, months after the exclusive retailer has had their turn with a figure.

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