Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary X-Men Colossus & Juggernaut 2-Pack

41ABq3w20VL. AC51kmCLf3vZL. AC41WgUqYrhuL. AC41yj2YSriUL. AC414Ik6Tn UL. AC51gVecFpEwL. AC41VYFE m9WL. AC516l+r106WL. AC buynow3 1976 Saw the release of X-Men 102, with its iconic cover featuring the mighty Colossus and unstoppable Juggernaut locked in combat, setting the stage for a rivalry that would shake the Marvel universe For decades. With this Marvel Comics 80th anniversary Legends series 2-Pack, fans can add a piece of Super hero history to their action figure collection. The amazing storytelling and culture-shaping legacy of Marvel Comics now spans 80 years. Inspired by both iconic Marvel Comic books and blockbuster movies from the Marvel Cinematic universe, these highly detailed 6-inch-scale Legends series action figures are a perfect tribute to that legacy.
MARVEL COMICS 80TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION ACTION FIGURES: Celebrate the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics with this Colossus and Juggernaut 6-inch-scale action figure 2-pack from the Marvel Legends Series.
PREMIUM DESIGN: With premium deco, these figures make a great gift for fans of Marvel Entertainment.
PREMIUM POSEABILITY AND DETAIL: These highly articulated Marvel Legends Series figures feature intricate character detailing, making them excellent for both play and display.
SWITCHABLE HAND ACCESSORIES: Both Colossus and Juggernaut figures come with alternate hands, heads and accessories, allowing fans to create dynamic poses and imagine the Super Heroes battling one another or teaming up to defeat a common enemy.,


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