Jada Toys G.I. Joe 1:32 V.A.M.P Die-Cast Vehicle with Duke Figure, 33083

31Pz1e6rjQL. AC41yaQsu0CSL. AC31LfOyjid L. AC21K2C+aYS3L. AC31v wmOyqUL. AC21BfUJr4kDL. AC212PExB5 NL. AC buynow3 It’s defined as the Vehicle Attack Multi-Purpose, but to us it’s an original ride from the G.I. Joe series. This Jeep features dual-mounted 7.62mm elevated machine guns. This killer military vehicle is authentically licensed, has working wheels, premium rubber tires, opening doors and is accompanied by a 1:65″ die-cast Duke figure.
Authentically licensed product from G.I. Joe.
Quality die-cast vehicle body is made with premium paint and stylization with attention to detail.
Comes with a 100% 1.65″ die-cast figure of Duke.
Working wheels, premium rubber tires, opening doors.
Ages 8+,


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