Gamestop 50% Off Clearance

gamestopclearance 1Multiples of the above figures have been sitting on clearance at the Gamestop in Arnold, MO during the past few trips I’ve made there.

If you have a Gamestop in your neck of the woods, it might be worth your while to swing by and check out their clearance section – all clearance items are currently marked off 50% off the clearance sticker price.

Personal Note: In my finds, very new TBS are not included, nor are most TVC. But there were decent selections of various 6 inch figures and lots of oddball gift type items, stacks of Funko POPs, etc. An employee grumbled when talking to me tonight, and said they had just received 6 more huge boxes of clearance items from their warehouse that he had nowhere to display, and they needed to move a lot more by Christmas. It might be bit concerning by just how much unsold collectibles product Gamestop could be sitting on right now.

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By: Justin (Chewie)
Title: Gamestop 50% Off Clearance
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Published Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 04:16:16 +0000

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