Editorial: ROTJ40 TVC AT-ST – Collapsing Under the Weight of Mediocrity

ATST fallen 1No chicken walkers were harmed in the making of this article.

“Vote with your wallets” is a phrase that is becoming all too common these days. As prices continue to rise, the responsible thing to do is to evaluate the value of our purchases — especially when what is being (re)offered has so little newness to entice the target market in which the anniversary products are aimed. A decade-plus old vehicle with a near two decades old figure for a price knocking on the door of $100 doesn’t scream nostalgia as so much as near-sightedness, especially when it can’t support its own weight* let alone that price point. Haven’t these molds paid for themselves several times over due to their previous offerings? Sure, there is that segment of the market that don’t have this yet as new collectors are “engaging with this iconic expression for the first time” (or some other corporate speak), but can they honestly say this warrants that price tag? Surely they have sales data showing AT-STs getting blown out at clearance in their previous iterations. That brings us to Chewbacca who will be stuffed unceremoniously in the box – bagged like an egg roll with a side of disappointment – knowing that we could have had him on the alternate film-out cardback from ROTJ. I wouldn’t put it past the brand team to offer it later in the mainline on that alternate card (wasting a figure slot no doubt) and claim to have listened to the fans.

So, make yourselves heard and vote with your wallets.

*Hasbro claims to have addressed the stability issues in this version.

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By: Jayson
Title: Editorial: ROTJ40 TVC AT-ST – Collapsing Under the Weight of Mediocrity
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