Disney Is Closing The Star Wars Hotel Permanently In September!

And yet another colossal failure for the house of mouse… earlier today Disney announced that they will close the Star Wars hotel. Permanently. The last “voyage” will be in September. Click through for the full story!

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How Disney once envisioned their hotel… the reality was much less crowded

From the very start the hotel was heavily criticized for its outrageous prices, a two day stay at the hotel could cost as much as $6,000 for the room, a single person could pay up to $1,200 for one night. After a very short initial rush fewer and fewer people booked a stay at the hotel which offered a sequel trilogy themed experience with Rey, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca and offered guests experiences like lightsaber training, a Twi’lek lounge singer or Star Wars bingo. The hotel was never booked to capacity in recent months and it seems Disney can no longer operate the hotel without taking a loss.

Disney reportedly invested $2 billion into the hotel, a very costly failure for the company. The hotel only opened in March 2022, when it will close its doors in September it will only have been open for 18 months. This hotel must be bleeding enormous amounts of money if Disney closes it down after such a short period.

If you still want to book a voyage on the Star Wars “cruiser” (in that case, let me also introduce you to this nice Nigerian prince I happen to know, please contact me) you need to do so until September. After that lounge singer Gaya and all the other actors will need to find new jobs and the sequel trilogy Star Wars hotel will be history. I feel very sorry for the actors and staff working at the hotel trying to make guests as happy as possible. But with prices like these in times where high inflation and increased costs for basic things make life a lot more expensive the hotel was always a tough sell. Maybe Disney’s next attempt at a Star Wars attraction should not just target the upper 1% of society and offer something that is affordable for normal families again. And maybe make it about something else but the sequels.

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By: Thomas
Title: Disney Is Closing The Star Wars Hotel Permanently In September!
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