DC Multiverse The Dark Knight Returns Robin 7″ Action Figure with Build-A Horse Parts & Accessories (Figure Style May Vary)

31nq6TKUeZL. AC41Lb2ZbMtFL. AC41oz2pgoE8L. AC41JXlChIVFL. AC41MW6WQLSrL. AC31TSFfiLX3L. AC41jPPJXsqNL. AC31gEA+NArBL. AC buynow3 After being saved by Batman on the night he returns from his retirement, Carrie Kelley is determined to help the Dark Knight. Spending her lunch money to purchase a Robin suit, she sets out to track down Gotham City’s Super Hero and become his protégé and crime-fighting partner. Shortly thereafter, Carrie finds Batman in the middle of a brawl with the Mutant Leader and successfully saves the Dark Knight from near-death, proving herself capable in the role. Batman then accepts her as his newest Robin, and although he’s reluctant to do so, her skills and dedication make her a worthy sidekick. ,


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