Click N’ Play 12″ Astronaut Action Figure Space Exploration Playset with Accessories.

51twIWwvq9L. AC41W5F2hGOZL. AC411W2arXNaL. AC51+MRBsvE+L. AC31GEoRv1grL. AC buynow3 Get a glimpse and a firsthand experience outer space missions with this Astronaut Exploration Action Figure Space Set. An action packed figure pretend play set with authentic real life designs and highly detailed, equipment and uniforms all made from super strong, superior quality BPA free plastic material. All action figure sizes are based on 1:18 scale and feature 30 articulated joint points which allow them to flex into almost any position necessary for duty. COLLECT THEM ALL! also available from “Click N’ Play” are the Military Series, Sports and Adventure Series, Fire Fighting Series, Police Force Series and More! ,


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