Avatar CheeBee Master All the Elements of Fun

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Fans of Avatar can find everyone from Aang to Zuko. | Source: The Loyal Subjects/The Toy Insider

A long time ago, there were shows for kids devoid of important life lessons hidden within timeless comedy — but that all changed when the fire nation attacked.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is now nearly 20 years old and has a whole generation of fans behind it. Through reruns on Nickelodeon, it’s also gaining traction with a new group of kids. Whether you’ve been a fan of Aang since 2005 or you’re just discovering the magic now, there’s a toy and a collectible just for you.

The Loyal Subjects has a whole line of Avatar CheeBee 3-inch mini figures, which are affordable, Chibi-style collectibles. At the $10 price point, you don’t have to choose sides. Kids can master the elements and one of their favorite fandoms with everyone from Aang to Zuko.

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CheeBee feature cute Chibi style. | Source: The Loyal Subjects/The Toy Insider

I’d like to emphasize the word affordable — *not* cheap. Though these figures cost much less than their collectible counterparts ranging anywhere from $20-200, they don’t lack quality. Each comes in a collector-friendly box, but kids can definitely take it out to play! They can reenact their favorite cabbage-crushing scenes from the series or come up with their own airbending entertainment.

For now, kids can choose from Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Toph, and Katara. Each one has the cute facial expressions that the Chibi style is known for and true–to-the-character designs. (I can almost hear Sokka telling me to drink cactus juice.) I will be here patiently waiting for a MoMo and an Uncle Iroh (delectable poison, anyone?) to join the ranks.

If you’re a parent who loved watching Avatar or you’re also just now discovering it, you should know that it’s a series jam-packed with heart. These CheeBee bring a little of that love to life! 


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