Army Toys Big Battle Carrying Case Playset – Deluxe Plastic Army Men Military Set Includes Green and Tan Army Guys, WW2 Tanks, Jets, Walls, Helicopters, Provisions, Playmat and More (260 pcs)

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Product Description

An adventurous young child prepares to take flight using her powers of imagination.An adventurous young child prepares to take flight using her powers of imagination.



This Tiny Troopers Big Battle Drum from Imagination Generation includes everything you need for an all-out free-for-all. There’s tanks, jets, boats and helicopters. There’s fortifications like crumbling walls, sandbags, checkpoints and even barbed wire (not real, of course).

Tiny Troopers Playsets

Included is a huge 30″ x 25″ battlefield playmat to stage your grand battles, and a tough, hardy battle drum that neatly stores everything during times of peace. Each playset includes 200 army men in four unique armies;16 land, air, and water vehicles; and 44 fortifications and structures like barbed wire, sandbags, walls and checkpoints.


Be A Part of History

Wage free-for-all war on a 2.5-foot playmat with 4 uniquely colored armies. Forge and break alliances between the green, khaki, silver and maroon armies! Included Trooper Tactics insert teaches you about all the included tanks, jets, and hedgehogs as well as the fortifications like Machine Gun Nests and Sandbags. Start a new fascination for the history of some of America’s hardest-fought wars. Pilot and crash vehicles. Duck into trenches and foxholes. Storm the beach, or stealthily glide up the river and guide your forces to victory. Over and out!

Kids playing with Army MenKids playing with Army Men

Sharing and Social Development

It’s natural for a child to feel possessive with their toys. Tiny Troopers toys promote sharing and social development. Your children and their friends will find plenty of vehicles, infantry, and more to share within this tube.

Learn & Play!

This playset is a fantastic way for kids to learn about the hardware used in war and the historical significance behind these tools. Start a new fascination or connect your child with your interests when they learn all about Fighter Jets and tanks as well as concepts like Foxholes!

Unplugged Fun

This simple, large tube of military toys encourages children to play the way they want to play. No batteries, no plugs, and no instructions needed! Watch as they form into little generals right before your eyes!

Imagination Generation Playsets Develop new skills Teach new concepts Learn about battlefield history Enhance color and shape recognition

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IG Logo. IG Logo.

Play Today, Empower Tomorrow

Imagination Generation understands that children learn best when at play. We strive to invent toys that spark a desire to create, help plant the seeds of new conversations to have, new stories to tell, or whole new worlds to create. Our toys teach new concepts and develop new skills, which is vital fuel for young imaginations.

Multiple Military Armies – Wage free-for-all war on a 2.5 foot playmat with 4 uniquely colored army action figures. Forge and break alliances between the green, khaki, silver and maroon armies
Large Battle Playmat – Large 30 in x 25 in playmat features cool terrain and strategic fortifications, runways and a helipad
Storage Drum – This hardy storage drum includes the trooper tactic insert that teaches your child about tanks, jets, hedgehogs and foxholes
Everything Included – The tiny troopers playset includes 260 army men, vehicles, provisions, playmat and more packed into a hardy storage drum. Take it with you and wage war anywhere
List Price: $34.99

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