Army Men Toys,12″ Military Soldier Swat Police Team Action Figures Playset with Military Weapons Accessories for Kids Boys

519TEBTiIAL. AC41 zfe+IDyL. AC417byBdb cL. AC51kThc6EtzL. AC417hahB04yL. AC41kDunZvqfL. AC buynow3 Take on any battle and encourage imaginative play with war action figures Ultra-realistic details with naturalistic articulation and scale make the toy sets come to life. Our toy sets are designed to be ultra-realistic with exact uniforms and weapon. The cool advanced military design makes this the perfect addition to any play room or figurine collection. Special Forces Action Figures is a superb range of collectable us soldier figure with many compatible accessories available. The super articulated figure is 12 inches tall and has over 30 articulation points meaning he can be positioned in realistic poses and stand alone. Each figure comes with weapons,detailed uniform including boots and headgear, and specialized accessories suitable for that individual role. ,


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