Army Men Action Figures Toy Soldiers Military Playset with Digital Camo – US Special Forces Group Toys for Kids Boys,12 Pcs,Best Age 6 7 8 9 10

51De ga4PCL. AC51z8As6COkL. AC516K2LmBjcL. AC511Ae IasKL. AC41A4Oi6Y7QL. AC41vyEy+7yIL. AC buynow3 High quality army men action figures set for your boys and girls, Recommended best age as 6 7 8 9 10 years old. We hope that these army soldiers can bring Imagination and creativity to your children. Step on a long journey, bring sunshine, bring beautiful mood.

Do you know about that?
☞The US Green Berets is a veteran US special operations force. It belongs to the most elite special operations force in the US Army and was created on July 9, 1942. This unit generally fights alone with a 12-member contingent.They are good at unconventional warfare, overseas internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, anti-terrorism, and can perform non-proliferation, hostage rescue, and humanitarian tasks.
☞ Camouflage is an important element of modern military uniforms. During World War II, both the US Army and Marine Corps used camo uniforms. Digital camo is a new type of camouflage designed using computer-aided design, often composed of pixel-like square dots.Under infrared detection and night vision goggles, digital camouflage has a greater advantage in concealment than traditional camouflage because of its complex design.

Why should it be worth the choice?
Ⅰ.The independent military action figures inclue 12 United States Green Berets soldiers. Very rare!
Ⅱ. Each army men has a digital camouflage combat uniform and a distinctly defined look that reflects that character’s position within the military.
Ⅲ. High Quality and Right Size – The soldier toys are made of high quality environmental plastic material, safe to play. And each action figure is approximately 3.75 inches tall and fits perfectly in your kid’s hand.
Ⅳ. The best choice for the military collection and military pretend play set.

Package :
12 sets army action figures with 12 military weapons and 1 USA army flag

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