Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Deliver Battles Between Giants

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MooseToys AkedoBattleGiants
Akedo — Ultimate Arcade Warriors Battle Giants | Source: Moose Toys

Prepare for battle because the biggest Akedo showdown of all time is about to begin — and it’s a battle between giants!

Moose Toys first launched Akedo — Ultimate Arcade Warriors last year, collectible action mini figures with colorful designs inspired by retro arcade fighting games from the ‘90s and early 2000s. Derived from the Japanese word for “arcade,” the Akedo brand features figurines that kids can use to battle each other through button-pushing action, just like an arcade machine!

The brand’s most recent line features Battle Giants, the titans of the Akedo universe. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, the line includes four styles: Scratchatron, the four-armed feline mech; Tonk, the raging orcish berserker; Alphawolf, the canine super slugger; and Drillborg, the evil drilling cyborg. Each style bears a unique design that really highlights its character and differentiates it from the others. For example, Scratchatron looks like a hardened military veteran piloting his favorite metal suit, while Tonk looks like an unhinged warrior who fights with pure strength, but no finesse. Additionally, the layers of metallic paint on some characters’ armor and helmet are perfectly applied, which is rarely seen in the product’s price range.

These giants are one and a half times bigger than standard Akedo warriors and they come with a piece of armor, but no weapons, preferring to let their fists, endurance, and size do the talking. Each style also comes with a blue Button Bash controller that spins the figurines from side to side to deliver extra powerful blows, which is where I think this toy’s most exciting quality lies: the sheer force kids can generate with one push of a button makes battles between the giants a thrilling slugfest, right out of an arcade machine’s screen!

Akedo Inside
A split strike in action | Source: Moose Toys

To win the battle, kids must repeatedly push the button on their controller to make their giant punch their opponents’ giant until its armor pops off. The goal is for kids to hit the button on the chest of their opponent’s figure (located underneath the armor) to deliver a “split strike,” chopping it in half. The first player to achieve 10 split strikes wins.

Overall, Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors’ Battle Giants take the arcade excitement beyond the screen and deliver it in compact, collectible packages. With unique character designs, simple rules, and exciting fighting action, these battling figurines would make a great gift for kids this summer!


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