AIHUIZHAOXIA Deformation Toys, Transformers Toy Main Action Figure Optimus Prime Classic Action Figure Deformation Toy Battle of Cybertron (Black and red Optional) 10.5 inches (Color : Red)

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Product name: Optimus Prime SH-7B-1
Packing size 6.8×3.8x 10.5 inches
Material: Plastic + ABS
Manufacturer’s recommendation: Children 6 years and older

Packing list:
Practice hands-on skills-use your brain and games to keep your kids away from electronic devices.
Highly restored: Transformers toys are exquisitely carved, and the characters are highly restored, satisfying the child’s innocence.
Toys are original and respect the environment. ABS plastic material, non-toxic and reliable, light and comfortable, harmless to human body and media.,


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