AFi Unboxing of @OriginalFunko ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ SNAPS


Here is a look at part of the first wave of the new Funko SNAPS line based on the “Five Nights at Freddy’s’ franchise. Mix and match, snap your own creation with SNAPS. Available in stores now as single packs, 2-packs and interactive play sets with a figure!  You may recall 2 years ago when Funko released a blindboxed product called “Snappsies.”  Snaps takes that same swappable part form factor and applies it to new licensed products like this.

Each Snaps figure has six different pieces each that snap into place, including a head, two interchangeable faces, a torso, legs, and an accessory.  You can mix and match a variety of parts or play with the characters as-is!

The Packaging

FunkoSnaps5NAFSingleCard1 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFSingleCard2 rotated 1


FunkoSnaps5NAFFoxy5 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFFoxy4 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFFoxy2 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFFoxy1 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFFoxey3 rotated 1


FunkoSnaps5NAFBaby1 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFBaby2 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFBaby3 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFBaby4 rotated 1


FunkoSnaps5NAFToyB1 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFToyB2 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFToyB3 rotated 1
FunkoSnaps5NAFTOyB4 rotated 1

FunkoSnaps5NAFGroup1 FunkoSnaps5NAFGroup2 FunkoSnaps5NAFGroup3

Funko Snaps are in stores now and are available in single packs, 2-packs and interactive playsets with figures.

Thank you to Funko for the SNAPS product shown in this video

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By: Daniel Pickett
Title: AFi Unboxing of @OriginalFunko ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ SNAPS
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Published Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 17:00:07 +0000

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